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Don’t Settle For The Crumbs, Eat The whole cake

If you don’t want to be happier, fulfilled, and wealthy in every sphere of life, just close this tab. This is not for you!

But since you’re still here you want to know more. More about you. More about life. More about being abundant in EVERY aspect of your life.

I invite you to imagine the perfect you. Is it happier marriage, a better job, or more money? Is it 20.000$ profit every month, or is it 200.000$ profit every month? Do you know what happened now? I pushed you WAY further than you could’ve imagined! Yes, I just did that, and I am 100% sure that you can have ANYTHING you imagine.

Right now you’re looking at your screen, probably on your mobile phone or computer. You are far, FAR away from me writing this, and believe it or not I was the one behind that phone 3 years ago. I was fantasizing all that I could’ve even had, or what I probably deserve. I thought that life isn’t fair, and I used to think that I am a victim of society. All I did was good and authentic, and yet I was just a regular Joe. But here’s what happened when everything changed: I learned the secret ingredient to success! Not the type of success where you get a lot of money (although, in only few years I have a profit of 783.967$), but the type where every day I wake up I just know that I am the main person standing between me and my dream life.

Right now, I want to share the secret ingredient with you that changed my entire life.

My naked self.
My Mission.

I wasn’t always laughing like in this picture…

As a matter of fact I had a really dark period in my life. I had everything I wanted to have, then something terrible happened. I lost my mother and I felt like my life was slipping away, but I never (not once) gave up on my burning desire to get back up and succeed in every sphere of my life.

They say some people are just born under a bright star. I am here to tell you that’s bullcrap. Each one of us has the utmost power to create our own future. As a matter of fact, I am here to tell you that the biggest power lies in the ability to control your own life, no matter the circumstances. Not a single person (including you) cannot blame anyone but yourself for your own failures and misfortunes.

You have the utmost power to take your life in your own hands a create your own wealth! This is not just about money, but massive abundance in every sphere of your life!

I am here to tell you that me and you together are about to change the entire course of your life for the better!

Together we are going to uncover the mindset of a winner and kill every negative aspect within you that’s causing you to stall your personal growth and abundance.

What Makes This Course so Unique and special:

It’s NOT about the money…

Here’s brutal fact: most people will live ordinary, uneventful lives. Not fantastic ones. Not awful ones. Just OK ones.

They will have good-enough jobs and a handful of relationships, some good and some bad, and though they’ll have some high and low moments, the whole of their existence, when everything is said and done, amounts to something pleasant but pretty mediocre.

It’s because we have everything we want on our plate. We are so comfy and secure, we are not even aware of it.

Our bodies and brains cannot surpass the swift development of technology. We are not ready for it.

We became species that kill ourselves because we eat too much and do too little.

We built this course to change that.

To evolve, we must be willing to experience the discomfort of change.

We need to learn to be honest with ourselves. It’s easy to build sandcastles in the sky and live off illusions. But when it comes down to it, character is build in all those small, quiet moments of perseverance and frank honesty. Those moments we can look unflinchingly at ourselves and do the hard work it takes to be better.

Our prime purpose is to help you monetize your passion, find your purpose and discover your inner peace.

Our mission is to change your mindset from consumer to producer.

We will help you dig deep and find out what truly drives you, at your core. It’s not going to happen overnight, but eventually it will.

With no doubt.

What are you truly willing to do to monetize your passion, find your purpose and discover your inner peace?

Click down below and see you on the other side.

Shift your life 180 degrees

It’s not just about making money. It’s about becoming a person who can create abundance in ANY sphere in life. If you are not ready to change for the better, this course is not for you.


Self-reflection mastery

With the magical exercises inside the course, we will uncover the most stunning, creative and awesome version of yourself.

become money making machine

Making money with a clear goal is REALLY easy. We will discover your goal and create financial freedom for centuries to come.


Action, action, action!

Action is underrated! After this course you will understand the vital importance of taking massive levels of action in order to create the life of your dreams.

stunning results

By the time you finish the course you will achieve stunning results on personal and professional level.

Table Of Content:


1. About The Guy Behind The Screen (My Naked Self)
2. How This Course Came To Be (That Will Save You A Decade Of Your Life)
3. What You Will Achieve Attending This Course

4. What I Need From You (Yes! I Need Your Help Too!)

Module 1: INABILITY (how to shake and destroy your entire system of beliefs):

1. The Victim Mentality (How To Take Your Life In Your Hands)
2. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (The Pillar Of Failure And How To Break It)
3. The Luck Factor (And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Anything!)
4. Works smart, not hard (WRONG!)
5. Take Action To Do (From Couch Potato To Being The 1%)

Module 2 - BELIEF (inject yourself with vitamin wealth)

1. The 12.000$ Profit A Month (And How You Can Get 10x More)
2. Success Is Unlimited Resource (And It Can Never Be Depleted)
3. You Don’t Need A Single Supertalent (You Can Achieve Any Freaking Thing You Want Anyway)
4. You Will Fail X10 To X100 Times More Than You Will Succeed (And Why This Is The Pillar Of Success)
5. Emotions Will Drag You Down (And Why You Have No Choice But To Work Even Harder)
6. Your Circle Of Friends Must Become Shorter (Or Disappear Entirely!)
7. Persistence, Or You Will Be Just Another Brick In The Wall
8. Self-improvement Books, Because Nothing Will Shatter Your System Of Beliefs Like Them!
9. Are You 100% Sure That You Are Ready To Forfeit Your Old Life And Start A New One

Module 3 - ACTION (it's about time we get started!)

1. Something Magical Happens When You Start Taking Action Into Given (Imaginary) Direction!
2. Action Makes Information Real (Otherwise You Bough This Course For Nothing)
3. The Mind Struggle Before Taking Action (And Why You Must Give Up Your Sissy Mentality)
4. You Are What You Do (Not What You Think You Do)
5. Your Goal Is (Literally) Millions Of Tiny Actions In A Given Direction
6. The Morning Routine Habits (Make Your Own, But Here’s What I Do Exactly)
7. Make Your Battle Plan (And Start Taking Action Right Now!)

Module 4 - CONSEQUENCES (Warning! Be prepared to change yourself 180 degrees)

1. First Things First Your Circle Of Friends Will Change (And Your Relationships Altogether)
2. Your Ability To Say No Will Drastically Increase (And Your Free Time Will Be Bare Minimum)
3. You Will Become The Good Type Masochist (Let Me Explain) And Attain The Masochist Mentality
4. Get Ready To Face The Energy Vampires (And How To Reflect On The Toxicity)
5. Your Emotional Intelligence Will Drastically Improve (Skyrocket) On Another Level
6. You Are Now Literally New Upgraded Version Of Yourself
7. Your Purpose Will Reveal Its True Self (And Will Be Clear As A Day)

Module 5 - RESULTS (The healthy addiction that will push you to make 10x more)

1. The 12.000$ Profit A Month (In Your Own Pocket) And Clear Vision For 10x More
2. Money Is No Longer A Problem, Ever (And The Way You Grasp Money)
3. Thinking Bigger (The Umbrella View)
4. You Never Knew What Focus Really Means Until Now (And How To Restore It Once You Turn Away)
5. The Cold Shower Effect Is Part Of Your Routine
6. New Thoughts, New Life, New You (There Is No Way Back Now)


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3. FREE E-Book – Don’t Settle For The Crumbs, Eat The Whole Cake

What people say about The course:

Marco – This course literally saved my life… thank you!

Bojan – I rewatched some of the videos for three four times especially the module about action.

Sandra – the first chapter triggered something in me, and I am never going back to the old me.

Tommy – just finished it and i feel like I am about to rule the world! thank you so much!

Victor – I just finished this course on a train in tuscany… the most inspirational train ride of my life

Isabellathis is the most complete course on self-improvement i have ever watched. plain, simple and amazing!

Customers Asked

Interesting questions:

I am a 21 year old dude and I want to buy this for my big bother so we can both watch it? Is this really for suitable for us?

Yes! This course is for everyone and fits every phase of your life. From a couch potato to a successful CEO, what we are going to learn together is going to boost your personal development to the next level.

What kind of writing exercises do I have to do in this course?

Learning is not a spectator sport. After each video you will have 4, 5, 6 question (depends on the section) and you will have to answer them. They are not the type of questions like “What did I say on 2 minutes and 6 seconds?” but they will be self-reflection of your experience to the subject so you can grasp the knowledge better and implement it in real life.

What can I expect after I finish this course and 97$ less in my pocket?

If you don’t do the work yourself, you can expect nothing! There is not a book/course/video in the world that will help you become better, unless you import the skills that you learn in your real life.

Bottom line is that you can expect from me to motivate you to take your life to the next level where the abyss you use to fill inside you before, now will explode from abundance, happiness and success.


I really don’t want to toss any dollar on courses because most of the courses I bought have expired skills that don’t work. Is this one of them?

I completely agree with you on the first part. As a matter of fact, most of the courses I have bought (and believe it or not in the beginning I paid “an online guru” to build my first Shopify store for 1500$ which was exactly 7 minutes of work) are total crap (pardon my French). And I will tell you another fact that will save you thousands of dollars. Most courses out there about “making money online” are already outdated techniques that barely work when they release the course.

What’s different in this course is that it’s timeless. I am not going to teach you how to make money online (although I tell exactly how I made 54.000$ a month), but my prime purpose is to help you monetize your passion, find your purpose and live the life of your dreams.

Why is it called don’t settle for the crumbs, eat the whole cake?

Majority of people are helping someone (usually their boss) build their vision, right? This means that the boss eats the cake while he or she tosses the crumbs to the employees.

I firmly believe that there is an abundant energy in us to build our own life under our own rules because real freedom is not a beach, sand and margarita (although I could use one now), but it’s life we build under our own terms and having the entire cake in our lap. That’s what I aspire for us to learn through this course. 


I am 26 year old woman and I was left out of job due to this quarantine situation that’s affecting my company. I have doubts whether to buy it or not because I really need every penny.. Is this for me?

Let me tell you a short story…

World historians have studied civilizations throughout the world – civilizations that have existed since the beginning of recorded history. One thing they’ve tried to do is to identify the characteristics of the most powerful and successful civilizations (the ones that had the most power and influence and whose citizens were the most well off). In doing so they have also identified the characteristics of the civilizations that are least successful. There are many factors that characterize successful civilizations and one of the most important ones is the level of education of their citizens. The reason is that more advanced levels of education translate into many positives for a civilization. For example, they make it possible to have successful businesses and industries that produce more heavily processed products. Such products are more profitable in the export market, leaving the civilization with more money and resources with which to grow and prosper.

Bottom line is that if you grasp and implement the knowledge out of my course I can guarantee you that you won’t look for a job anymore, but for employees!



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